• Do you include heat/cold packs with orders?

    We do not include heat or cold packs in our orders. We have found that they can cause more harm than good by actually overheating the insects. We package our orders well and rarely have an issue with insects not arriving alive. If you are concerned about the temperature in your area we advise you...
  • Do you ship outside of the US?

    At the moment we only ship within the US, excluding Hawaii.
  • How do I put my phone number in so the post office can call me when my order is held for pickup?

    If you need to put your phone number onto the package so that the post office can contact you when your order has arrived and being held for pickup, simply add your first name and telephone number to the "Company" line in the address entry section. If you have any questions about this then feel f...
  • How do you pack your orders?

    All of our orders are shipped securely in plastic tubs or for larger orders, boxes may be used instead.
  • How do you ship your orders?

    We use USPS to ship all our orders to our customers. If you would like more information regarding our shipping check out our Shipping & Terms page where you can find more answers about how we ship our orders.
  • I received my shipping notification, but my package is still in Kansas

    The way the USPS labels work is they get printed in batches, so when you receive the notification that your package has shipped, that means that your label has been printed, it does not mean that your order has been packed and shipped but we are working on it. Delays may still occur after the lab...
  • Is it better to order at the beginning or end of the week?

    If you want to get your order as fast as possible, it's best to order before noon EST Monday through Thursday. Orders placed by noon EST Monday - Thursday ship the next day. If you order on Sunday by noon your order goes out Monday. If your order is placed after noon on Thursday it won't ship unt...
  • My address is wrong

    We are so sorry you are having an issue with your address, unfortunately technology can try a little too hard sometimes and may correct your address upon checkout to an incorrect address. This can happen due to auto-complete that will fill out your address for you, and it can also occur due to Sh...
  • Package Protection + Conservation

    Our Package Protection + Conservation plan is an insurance option for your order, with the added benefit of contributing to conservation programs. The cost of the plan is calculated based on your order's subtotal.
  • USPS Hold Mail Service

    Extreme weather can impact your bug shipment! We highly suggest during the summer and winter months, having your bug orders held for pick-up at your local post office! You can request this on by creating an account/signing in, selecting the USPS Hold Mail service and then verifying your ...
  • What if I won't be home for delivery?

    If you don't think you will be home when your package is delivered, we highly recommend calling your local post office and asking them to hold your mail for pickup. Live insects sitting out in a mailbox or on a porch is the number one cause for a DOA order. Extreme weather can also impact your b...
  • What if my order gets lost?

    If you believe your order is lost, please wait another 2-3 days for USPS tracking to update. If the package is lost, we will do what we can to find the package or replace it.
  • What if my order has not arrived after 4-5 days?

    If your order has not arrived, please check the tracking on our website by logging in to your account. Depending on the time of year, sometimes orders can be delayed. This happens a lot during the holiday season or on weeks with a government holiday since USPS closes for holidays. If your package...
  • What if the feeders in my order are dead when they arrive?

    You must contact us within 1 hour of delivery time based on what has been recorded by the tracking information. You will need to provide us with photos of the packaging and the bugs. Replacements will be offered on a case by case basis.
  • What is your Get It Faster option?/How can I get expedited Shipping?

    We do not currently offer expedited shipping, but we do have our Get It Faster option that can be added to any order for just $5. You can add it like you would a product and it would ensure that your order is packed and shipped within one business day! This does not mean you will get your order i...
  • When will my order arrive?

    Orders placed by noon EST Monday - Thursday ship the next day. If you order on Sunday by noon your order goes out Monday. If your order is placed after noon on Thursday it won't ship until Monday. Your order should arrive 2-3 days after it is shipped.
  • When will my order ship?

    Normal shipping days are Monday through Friday. Orders placed by noon EST generally ship the following business day.
  • Where do I find my tracking number?

    Check your order confirmation email for a link to be able to log into your account and track your order, you will also find your tracking number there which you can use to track the package yourself on USPS tracking. We will send a second email once your order has been sent out where you can find...
  • Where do you ship?

    We ship throughout the United States, however we don't ship Dubia, Hissers, and Reds to Florida and we don't ship any live feeders to Hawaii.
  • Why don't you offer free shipping?

    Free shipping is offered by some companies. There is actually no such thing as "free shipping". Companies that offer free shipping have actually added their projected shipping costs to the cost of the items, so the more you buy, the more you will pay. We choose to keep our shipping at a flat rate...
  • Will my bugs survive being shipped?

    Shipping feeder insects is the most cost-effective way of feeding your reptile or other insect-eating pet. Our insects are packed with care and shipped priority mail to ensure that your bugs make it alive, of course, there is a small risk that you may get some DOA (dead on arrival) in your order....