What are panda king isopods?

Panda king isopods are a type of woodlouse in the genus Cubaris. They inhabit the damp, dark caves of Vietnam.

Cubaris have a lower reproduction rate and a longer life span than other common isopods in the hobby. The good news is that panda kings are still one of the most prolific Cubaris isopods.

Given their relatively low prolificity, panda king isopods do better as clean-up crews for enclosures housing non-insectivorous reptiles - like snakes. Geckos and frogs may end up snacking on all of your panda kings before they have a chance to establish their population!

Panda kings are not as hardy as some other isopods. They need high humidity levels - at least 75%.

They typically love to burrow more than some other CUC critters, so they’re great for aerating your reptile’s substrate.

Panda kings need more protein than your average isopod to truly thrive, so we suggest adding high-protein treats to supplement their base diet of decaying wood and leaf litter.

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