What are Japanese magic potion isopods?


Japanese magic potion isopods are a rare but natural color variation of the common pillbug or roly-poly (Armadillidium vulgare). That means they’re probably the same species as the gray sowbugs you find in your backyard! This specific variety is native to the Mediterranean region.

Japanese magic potion isopods have a shiny, off-white base color with a centered neon yellow stripe (or partial stripe), and black and yellow speckling. Unlike most other cultivated isopods, Japanese magic potions can roll up into a protective ball when threatened.

As the worldwide prevalence of the species suggests, even Japanese magic potion isopods are hardy and prolific. They’re capable of surviving much drier conditions than other isopods, making them a great clean-up crew choice for arid bio-active terrariums. They don’t mind high humidity, either!

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