What are dairy cow isopods?

Dairy cow isopods are a special color and pattern variation of the swift woodlouse (Porcellio laevis). The standard wild-type swift woodlouse is a dull blue-grey, but dairy cow isopods are white with irregular black splotches - like a Holstein dairy cow! Scientists believe the swift woodlouse originated in North Africa, but they're now endemic across much of the world.

Dairy cows are arguably one of the most popular species to cultivate, thanks to their attractive appearance, active lifestyle, and ease of care. They're hardy and adaptable, capable of thriving at room temperature or higher, although they're at risk of faltering if the humidity drops below 80%.

These arthropods don't just share their physical appearance with bovines - they'll eat like cows, too! Dairy cow isopods are ravenous and confident eaters, and they're likely to outcompete any other species you try to house them with. In fact, they gained popularity for being active because they're always looking for food.

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