Reptile Enclosure Instructions

240 Gallon (48"x24"x48") Enclosure:

120 Gallon (4'x2'x2') Enclosures:

90 Gallon (4'x2'x18")  Enclosures:

60 Gallon (4'x2'1) Enclosure:

50 Gallon (36"x18"18") and 33 Gallon (36"x18"x12") Enclosures:

22 Gallon (24"x18"x12") Gallon Enclosure:

120 Gallon (24"x24"x48") Arboreal Enclosure:

67 Gallon (24"x18"x36"), 60 Gallon (24"x24"x24"), and 33 Gallon (18"x18"x24") Arboreal Enclosures:

Cabinet (4'x2'x2'):

Spacer Hood (4'x2'x1'):

Cabinet (36"x18"x18"):


May 17, 2024

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